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Hello: congratulation for your new builder, Im very happy to know you.
I explain, as I and many other users we will come to this new block2code builder from appy builder and all its changes to kodular.

I tried to load some of my app (make with appy builder offline) into Block2code and it has not been possible, I have had several errors like:

  • Canvas version 12 when the maximun is 10
  • Web version 5 when the maximun is 4
  • Map version 4 when the maximun is 3
  • Notifier version 6 when the maximun is 5

I don’t know if it will be possible to make the Block2code compatible with the offline appy builder or the latest versions. I think that it would be very interesting for you and so have many appy builder users.

I tell you this because it would be very interesting if the users of offline appy builder could migrate everything to block2code and thus have a better platform and all our updated apps.

of course I see very interesting your payment methods and VIP access, which in the future I will have, of course yes, a much more professional service, which is what users need.

I expect a positive response and I thank you very much in advance

Welcome to the community @Jose_Navarro.
We’ll try to make the projects as compatible as possible.

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Thank you very much for your positive response, congratulation for your new way.

I will be very attentive to your next changes, users need to have something new and stable, because with the latest changes of appy builder we have had a lot of stress and it has not been had a good time.

I hope to have your platform as soon as possible. I feel very happy with this new path.

THANK YOU, I’m calmer

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