Swipe Tabs is not working properly

Swipe tabs is not working properly in my project but in new project it is working properly and my design and blocks both are same in my project and new project but in current project it is not working properly. I don’t know what is wrong happening there even design properties also same as it is as new project. Can anyone figure out what is wrong?

This is New project(for testing swipe tabs) blocks

This is my current project blocks

this is my current project swipe tabs screen

this is my new project(for swipe tabs test) screen

Can anyone figure out what is wrong? Help me.

Thanks in advance.

Are you sure that exists some content inside each tab?

Can you check if icon names are correct and exists?

In my current project i put labels for each tab and in testing project i didn’t put labels inside tabs and there is nothing wrong with icon names.


Swipie tabs is not working properly, check attached gif file. In that gif you can notice swiping is not working and also tapping. and also i put orientation to bottom but it showing top, is it a bug?

@DRaGuNia Can you check this?

Please remove the “scrollable” option from the screen. Swipe Tabs is a component that needs the whole screen and does not work if you scroll. :grinning:


@DRaGuNia Thankyou so much man, i didn’t check if scrollable toggle is enabled or disabled, after it disabled it working fine now. thanks man :grinning:

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