SG Builder AIA and Keystore Problem

Hello Dear Admin of Block 2 Code

First of all :partying_face: Congratulations :partying_face: to Mr. Abhijith Dominic for joining Block2Code. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:
I already tried to contact to @Abhijith_Dominic in Simplegamer Community but didn’t get any response from him. Now i wanted to know that how can we download our Project AIA and keystore from Sg Builder. I have some important project on SG builder. Please help me for that i really thankful to you.
If i didn’t got those project aia files i need to work from scratch… so please help me.

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Hello, unafortunately SGBuilder was closed on 30 september and now its impossible to recover anything.

You had some weeks to backup your data.

Thanks for reply @kevinc123,
I didn’t get any email from SG builder about deadlines. I already posted my Application on Google play store and i have to update my application. I am afraid this is very big problem for me to create that project from scratch. :hot_face:

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lots of people having same issue. Most of people don’t know that sg builder is gonna close and they didn’t backup there projects. There might be a way.
I request Mr.@Abhijith_Dominic to please open sg builder for 2 days and let all users know about days so every one can backup their project from sg builder.

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Right brother
I have also suffered from sg builder I could not download my 2 app’s aia file and keystore, I did not even know when sg builder site closed

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I am unable to import SG Builder AIA to Block2Code platform, showing version issues like Canvas version 10 instead of 12 etc

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