Rewarded Component is not working for me

I am trying admob rewarded video component with test ad units. here ad is showing but after completion of ad no reward are added according to the given blocks.

can you tell me clearly what you want to do ?

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after watching video I want to add 250 to my lablel (Coins), that has a numerical value.

Use Blocks Like These

thanks a lot sir.
<3 Love You <3

Its still not working for me.

you are using wrong block check my previous post carefully

sir in my case the value of label can be a random integer. that’s not necessary to be zero.

Can You share full Screenshot of blocks

Initially ad has been load on screen initialize.

don’t use this and try again

ok i am going to check but how I’ll add rewarded coins to my previous coins.

for this use tinyDB to store values

Still not working :frowning:

When are you loading the ad?

with screen initialization

what’s problem is coming

After watching full ad, I want to add 250 to my label “coins”, but that is not working.

@developer123 any solution possible?

I just checked and it’s working fine