Poll: Monetization components

Block2Code is always doing updates and enhancements.
In this case we want to know how much people uses the different monetization components.

You can mark more than one in the poll.

  • Admob Banner
  • Admob Interstitial
  • Admob Rewarded Video
  • ChartBoost
  • LeadBolt
  • Linkrex
  • MobFox Interstitial
  • OfferToro
  • WhiteMobi
  • Any

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Do you have a preferred component?
Leave your opinion or suggestions here, its your time! :wink::blush:

Thanks to all :hearts:


I like Admob Monetization Components and WhiteMobi .
And only especially i like Admob Components of Block2Code coz in Block2Code Admob Components is stable and Good


Please Add Adgate and other offerwall component.

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if u want this as extension or components
just test & Review me

I recommed mediation platforms like Apppodeal, admob mediation we dont need every ad platform with mediation we can use all