Please don't compress images

Hey hi,

I don’t want images which uploaded to assets to be compressed, images looking so horrible. Give an option to select either compress or not or don’t compress for premium members. Please fix this developers. :pray:

You can see difference between original icons and after uploading in app…

Screenshots of app



Original icons

abstract_color amoled_color backgrounds_color gradients_color neon_color !

Icons Resolutions



We will think about its batter until then Use must compress it buy your self :rofl::rofl:

We don’t compress the images, maybe you are using low quality/dpi images.

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I’m using 75ppi images which are created by photoshop as per web images resolution but looks bad. Can you tell me how much dpi/ppi is better to use?

Please can you update your post with some images of thh result and the component and/or blocks you are using?
We cannot guess what is happening.

Done, can u please check and resolve issue @kevinc123

waiting for solution! :sleeping:

I cannot appreciate any change, also you are setting a width of 45px and a height of 45px for an image with 100x100px…

This is not an issue, we don’t compress images, images are shown as users upload it.

Try to change the image container width or height.

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