New apk installer extension?

Can someone help me I want to install an apk, I’ve already tried about activity starter but always get
"runtime error exposed beyond app through Intent.getData () " thx :wink:

Could you add a picture of the error and the blocks to see what’s going on? Thx


After testing, I can say that the component is working properly :smiley:.

The problem is that you cannot auto-install an application (this was added from API 26 or Oreo “android.permission.REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES”) without the user’s consent.
You will receive an error when installing the application ‘Permission Denial: …’.

That example that you use, is for lower versions, for example in a version 5.1 works perfectly for me.

If you want to see that the error is for permissions, you can change these two blocks:

An now gets the error: