Need improvement

Hi #block2codeteam i think you should add google spreadsheet and grid view component because I though these 2 components are necessary to make live updating app and also make professional app.

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Hi @Rana_Wasay Thank you very much for the suggestion, we assure you that in the future you will be able to find those two components in our server , if you have any more suggertion.
If you have any other suggestions, please tell us so we can work it out.

Greetings From Block2Code Team :wink:

No at this time i need only these 2 components. Please provide as soon as possible. I m highly excited to make my first app on #Block2Code Because it’s totally different from #Thunkable #Appybuilder or other platforms. No one platform provides these types of components. Thanks 4 your Quick response <3

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Thank you for all the support, we will work hard to make these two components as soon as possible


Google spreadsheet and Grid view component will be added to Block2Code very soon and are under development.

Thanks for the suggestion!