Need a Help who can build app

Hello Blockers
I need a Help Who can build a app for me and record the video of that app making.
I need a help because I am so busy this days now so I cant upload video to my channel so if some is interested then please personal message me
App should be uniqe or it must contain unique feature
Not use of any copyright things
Video should be record in 720px and the time should be above 2 hrs
It should be renderd
And also without sound or voice

Are you sure that it’s good? I think it’s bad, or simply nonsense.
You want somebody figure out and build an unique app, with unique features, and record it all, just for you, and then, no, not upload it to his channel, give it all to you, to upload it to your channel, and the ad money will be yours. Its kinda like stealing or something. Even if you pay for it, I would never do that.

And, if you don’t have time, you don’t have time. Say it to your viewers and that’s it.


My channel is not monetize and i would be giving credit to that developer who builds the app for me. And for the unique feature of app , i don’t want fully unique something or little bit unique .
If u are not interested in this then why are u Wasting your time in creating just a useless post here . Better u concentrate on your work. This topic is also off topic then no matters who read or not