Is Not Possable to Change 2 Times AD ID?

No you cant change ad id twice in runtime, You have to restart app or re inatilize screen again

@ANDROID Bro You Can Set Your Ad Unit’s On Blocks Or Designer But Not On Both


same ad unit in blocks and same in properties

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if change screen then ?

@Shivendra_Kumar I didnt got u, change Screen??

my mean presently i use admob in screen 1 with xyz adunit id.
now i have need show ads wit my other adunit id. that’s are abc
as per say for this need app restart then i can use my other adunit id
im asking if change screen 2 there i use admob in screen 2 with abc adunit id.

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@Shivendra_Kumar It is absolutely possible…


It’s maens no need restarts app ?

yes no need, Change screens that is enough