I am New to Block2Code, I searched for alternative to my previous app builder

Hello Every One.
I just found this platform more interesting. At the start I have two questions.

  1. Apps consist of facebook ads are not able to create due to membership category, I search for membership then find only one membership way. If I will get vip membership then I shall be able to monetize app with facebook ads?
  2. I am from Pakistan, and there is no service of Paypal and crypto, How I shall get it?
  1. You can monetize your applications with Facebook or other interstitial monetization components with the free plan (With 35% commission). If you pay the VIP membership you will not have any type of commission and you will unlock additional features.
  2. You can pay via Paypal, cryptocurrencies amd woth debit/credit cards via PayPal. We are working on adding more forms of payment.
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