How to play online video from url not from youtube?

hello everyone,
i need help. i want to play my videos online which is not hosted by youtube. i want to fetch video from other website.please help me to solve this problem. bcoz b2c video player not allow to play online video and youtube allow only youtube videos.

Have you tried to set a video url on the VideoPlayer block “Source” as String?

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yes sir i tested in my companion no response i got from that

it says run time error after building apk

please reply sir, i need solution sir. you can also test video player there is link

this video is not playing in video player

Sir the video not playing because you try to playing a download file not a video. You can play video in forum?

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sir please show a proper arrangement or blocks which describe how to play online video in video player

You need a proper url for video, the component works properly.
If you want to know how to use a video player or another component do you have a documentation . In this case you can check “Video player” or “Youtube player” components for play a video.

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can you please share an aia file which have proper blocks and url. it will helpfull to me and other developers.

i have checked my blocks on other builder. same blocks are working properly on other platforms(builders) but not working on b2c builder. it always return with undefined or run time error .

screenshot of b2c builder.

screenshot of other builder.

so the conclusion is the problem in b2c video player component not in blocks arrangement. please fix this issue in next update. bcoz it is very common and necessary component which must be work properly.

We are planning a bugfix for this, it will be fixed soon.

Thanks for reporting the problem

@kuldeept_thakur I’ve fixed a bug in video player that will be released on next Block2Code update.

I tell you again that you are trying to play a download url and this don’t work.
I’ve tested in other builders and is not working.

but in my application by kodular url is working and video is also playing see screenshot

Please can you share your blocks and the url of the video?

The mediafire link that tried @DRaGuNia don’t work in other builders

blocks image on kodular

this is the url which are playing on kodular .correct spelling mediafire in bracket url (