Google Spreadsheet Extension (Paid)

बहुत से यूजर जो गूगल स्प्रेडशीट का उपयोग ai2.appinventor पर करना चाहते है |
लेकिन कर नहीं पाते क्योंकि इसका एक्सटेंशन कही नही है . उनके लिए मैंने ये एक्सटेंशन डेवलप किया है |
इस एक्सटेंशन्स को किसी भी इन्वेंटर पर उपयोग में ला सकते है जैसे की Thunkable पर उपयोग में लाते है |
जैसे की ai2.appinventor सभी उपयोग करके सकते है |
जिनको ये एक्सटेंशन्स चाहिये मुझे ईमेल करें |

Many users who want to use Google Spreadsheets on ai2.appinventor.
But do not do it because its extension is not there. I have developed these extensions for them.
These extensions can be used on any inventor.
Like the ai2.appinventor can use all.
anyone need ,Please email me for these extensions.

Price only euro 6 only


work smoothly with Google Spreadsheet Extension With AI2

payments details
Which want to pay with the PayPal account.
He will send me pm .

i also accept payments using Paytm
please scen this QR Code with your Paytm App to pay me .

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Hello @Shivendra_Kumar

We have sent you an email

Thanks and best regards!

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Hi what’s your paytm numver? I want to buy this extension

@Shivendra_Kumar I pay you via paytm please check and sent me my account details

give me ur mail id pleases

Hey i also need this extension what is you pytm ?


You scamed with my frnd. He send you payment but after after receiving payment you didn’t give him extension. I will report Admin of #Block2Code, suspend you permanent

Hi, @Shivendra_Kumar asked your friend for the email to be able to send the extension, your friend send the email to him?

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Please tell your friend to post a screenshot of the payment transaction here or mail it to me.
Because I have not yet received any payment on the Paytm OR PAYPAL.
No one can help you unless you show up the transaction Receipt.

This is payment screenshot and your mail screenshot both check my frnd reied younbut afyer that you don’t response

Also check this

Mind ur langveg.
Also read carefully all post

I’m not get any mail.

Hi, @Tutorials_Maker_Urdu can you send a private message to @Shivendra_Kumar with screenshot of your payment and you email so we can send you the extension.

Hello ivanmr he didn’t pay him but just playing a prank to get the extention for free from the developer.


any proof? I have proof

omg i didn’t understand that why this type of discussion is there in community


now u can download from here

please Give me to Access This Link :point_up_2:

My mail is- [email protected]