Facebook ads reloading option with timer is not working

i want facebook banner ads reload option, as compared to other builders, the ads are reload with timer but it’s not happen in b2c. i want this component fastly

Can you show your blocks?

check this blocks and timer setting, the ads are reload after time reaching on target setting and also in banner ads, we get more impression and also helpfull for the app users, i want to remove intersetial ads which create disturbance while learning anything from our application.

Remove Adloaded Event in Your Blocks And Try Again And Tell Is It Working ? :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t understand your question. Those blocks are from other builder.

blocks are same in block2code and i also remove ad loaded event in app but ad are not reloaded, and in educational app, there is only one banner ad we will add on that screen and users are take too much time to learning from that screen, in kodular ads are reloaded at particular time and also counted inpression on banner ads, but in b2c it not working with particular time

I confirm that this has been fixed on the upcoming update

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