Facebook ads not showing

Facebook ads isn’t showing properly in new update. All time showing block2codes ads

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Is your apk approved by facebook ?

no pending. Requesting for test ads

Use the OnAdFailedToLoad event to see why your ad does not load. Do you have the correct id?

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yes valid ad code. Okay trying that

The app that is not showing ads is downloaded from the Playstore ?

@DRaGuNia showing ads requested from facebook but not showing.

Can you send apk in private, I will check

@DRaGuNia sure . How can I send that?

send me in telegram private or you can upload in drive.

Telegram username please @DRaGuNia

@DRaGuNia is the alias, Silvia the name. You can see it in telegram group.

Problem solved ! Thanks all for replying.

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