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can anyone tell me how to show 1-2 lines content of any article in cardview extension

Can you post some screenshots of your actual blocks?

yes i will post screenshots of blocks


This is the screenshot of block and example photo. As you can see in cardview extension block, in image i showed thumbnail of article,in title i showed title of article, in subtitle, i showed posting date and in buttons section i created a button. But in content i want to show starting 1-2 lines of an article which includes read more text. For example, rooting is a process of allowing smartphones…read more like this. If someone click on that then article should open in a webviewer. Is it possible?

Those blocks are from another builder, Why do you ask here?

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I implemented same blocks in block2code

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If so, Could you put the @Block2Code blocks? And explain better, What do you want to do? Thanks.

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