Admob interestitial need to be upgraded

hi there, great builder, i visited first time to your builder, i must say brilliant job. i can see bright and more brighter future of Block2Code, I am already a fan of this site, loved it guys loved it <3

lets com to topic, Great and unique block “Set ad unit it” i wanted it from a year before, searched for a alot of sites bt result=0, and have invested a lot of money in it, like 100 bucks, bt couldnt do a job, bt it worked from here i am more then happy, thanks guys,. bt i came to know there arent other blocks as “When ad left application” it is the most important block i guess, i request you guys to add this block, it would be perfect,

thanks for your time guys…


Hello @Spidy
Thanks for using Block2Code

We will add all the missing event blocks in the next release, thanks for the suggestion

welcome sir, how much time is it going to take for new update??

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In less than a week it will be ready :wink:

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thanks a lot,
Appreciated it


Hello @Spidy

We have uploaded the update of the Admob Interstitial component

More info here: About updating new components

Thanks and best regards

waaoooo a lot of extraa components,

Thanks a Lot sir Thankyou so much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thanks to you for using Block2Code! :smile:

Made with :hearts:
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