Admob Ad Procedure not working

Dear, it is working on companion it’s properly but when I build it doesn’t work. Please tell me the reason.

Where are you calling the “LoadAd”?
Also, can you print the result of the “OnAdFailedToLoad” event?

I am loading ad on-screen initializing and yes I can.

Okay, can you take a screenshot or tell us the result of the event?

The result is that after procedure is complete ad not show, instead when i close app then ad is show and if procedure 3 times complete then ads is show 3 time after closing screen.

Please help :pray: I’m waiting for your reply.

Your problem is that you can’t display an ad and then load the next screen, because the screen will be placed above the ad. If you want to do the same, use the events of the ad so that when it is seen or closed it opens the next screen.
You can visit this topic where the same thing happens : Ads Display Problem

I agree, but it works on 1 button. I want to use different buttons with same above procedure then how can i do?
OR I load ad according the number of button,then i can use event for every button.

I don’t understand what you want to do. Could you explain it better? Thank you

i just want to show ad after 3 button clicks.:neutral_face:

try this one

It’s working, but only when the button has no activity. Now I just open the next screen then it’s not working.

open screen when ad is closed

Listen, I have 9 buttons and when every button click then next screen open,now i want when user click button 1 2 or any if sum of clicks of button =3 then first show ad and when close ad then open next screen. How could i do this?

here is answer…

dear it’s work only one button
please give sample blocks of 3 buttons where clicks every button and when clicks count =3 then ad show