Ad Colony Interstitial

hi everyone here my other new extensions Ad Colony Interstitial .

Thanks to :

  • Stackoverflow forum
  • This community
  • This library helped me a lot in creating extensions.

Price are Euro 10 only

Payments details

Which want to pay with the PayPal account.

i also accept payments using Paytm
please scen this QR Code with your Paytm App to pay me .

Note : -

In this community our Senior @Ben also introduce before Ad Colony extension .


How much Extension size?

500+ kb.
It’s size .
Whats worg with size .

Don’t sell this guy, he illegally was selling my extension to everybody. @AS_TECHNOLOGY is a scammer, he is suspended in AppyBuilde*


I am not scammer! i did not sell to anyone. I only took 5 $ from an Indian friend and the rest 7 $ I purchased the extension myself. My total cost is $ 13. 10 $ Extension price + 3 $ paypal fee!I am & my Indian 1 friend buy this extension… But your extension not working… You give me not any solution! Indain friend share your extention with others persion! I am don’t share any person…

That’s the point, you are not allowed to share this extension with anyone, it’s for individuals. So, because of you lying that you are only buying yourself, he was able to share the extension. @Shivendra_Kr_Sahu don’t sell him. I’m not helping you because you have shared the extension with your friend.


No! I don’t share your extention anyone… Indian friend share your extension others Indian persion… & He sell your extention 100 inr… I am live in Bangladesh… You sold it to me $ 10 but did not give me Demo Aia File or any tutorial!

This extension is for individuals, you can’t share it with anyone, that means you buy the extension only for yourself and you are not allowed to buy together with a friend…, it’s your fault for lying and @Shivendra_Kr_Sahu please don’t sell him, if you don’t want to lose your extension.
I am not giving you any blocks because of your fault, the extension is shared.


My dear friend I am very well aware about the scenario. I will personally message u , please reply me in details.

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Ad Colony Interstitial extensions version 2 .

Many people have improved the extension of Ad Colony Interstitial on demand. Now its 2nd edition is available.
The improved block is as follows

test demo app

I would like to say that now its value has been increased
now Price are Euro 15 only